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Basic Mitglied, Klagenfurt

Über mich

Born in Klagenfurt in 1972, Carletto Ferrari originally followed a quite conservative idea of life by studying Law in Graz / Austria and Utrecht / Netherlands. After graduating and shifting his attidutes by working as an international model for more than 10 years, eg. with agencies in Milan, Taipeh, Germany, Istanbul etc. he decided to change his point of view completely and switched behind the lense.

Thanks to his long lasting experiences as a model, his strength lies in the communication with the model, creating a likable, constructive atmosphere. Producing optimal results with a maximum efficiency, always trying to find the natural approach of the idea behind the picture, is his way of working. As a result of his conservative education and family background, respect and reliability are one of his first principles.

„Keep your mind young, stay curious, live your emotions and love your friends and family. Than you probably will succeed to enjoy life and create a permanent impression – like a photographer with his pictures.“

Carletto Ferrari

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