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Tim Jagenberg

Free Mitglied, Darmstadt

Über mich

I started photography as a hobby at the the end of high-school. I began with an "AGFA Selectronic 3" which my father had used before. As I got into the topic and took more and more photos, I moved away from paper to slides. The Selectronic 3 had a time automatic, but after a while, I moved to a more manual "Pentax MX" for its simplicity and sturdiness. I used these bodies for over 5 years in combination with three fixed lenses (28/2.8, 50/1.4, 135/2.8), even while backpacking in Australie, New Zealand and the USA.
In 2005, after the backpacking trip, I decided to go fully digital (before I was scanning many slides) and bought a bridge camera, the "Sony DSC-H1", which worked very nice for me for another 5 years.
Because of the lack of sensitivity and the missing background blur (small sensor), I was waiting for a compact system camera with these properties for a long time. As such systems started to appear in the recent year, I now moved to an "Olympus E-PL1" with a Panasonic m4/3 lens 20/1.7. So far this combination really makes me happy! Almost the same feeling as the old Pentax MX! The best thing is, that because of its compact size and simple looks, the E-PL1 does not attract much attention.
Now I'm just waiting for a similar compact and robust digital system camera with full-frame! ;-) Let's see how long I have to wait.

As I prefer to be a "gonzo" (embedded) photographer, I really appreciate simple and compact cameras, which are still big and heavy enough for good handling. I don't have much experience regarding studio or lightning set ups and so far don't feel much interested regarding that style of photography.

As I have always been a computer geek, I am very interested in the whole post-processing workflow. Especially regarding panoramic shots and increasing the dynamic range (still hard to beat slides or B&W).

I hope this gives a rough outline of my photographic background.


Kommentare 1

  • Kingsepp 31. Mai 2010, 19:07

    Herzlich Willkommen in der Welt der Fotoverrückten!

    Hier findest Du eine Vielzahl von Motiven und Ideen, die Dir beim Fotografieren nützlich sein können.
    Zudem kannst Du viele wunderschöne Fotos anderer Fotografen betrachten und mit viel Glück erhält man hier auch konstruktive Kritik, um sich stetig zu verbessern, wenn man dies wünscht.

    Zitat eines dreijährigen Kindes während eines Zoobesuches: Mama ist das ein Jäger?
    Meine Antwort: In gewisser Weise ja, wir sind auf der Jagd nach schönen Motiven. :-))

    Bei dieser Jagd wünsche ich Dir stets Spass und Vergnügen und das richtige Licht.

    Wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Tag!
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