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Paul MatZ

Free Mitglied, Bergem

Über mich

Well I'm an 21 years old guy who is trying to make his way through life... I finished my last year at secondary school and studied communication and information in Metz (France)... For the moment I am working for a public transport company... I often go out with friends, like joking and laughing… I’m often not that serious and don’t even want to be a serious boy… I would like to travel a lot but haven’t got time nor enough money to realize this dream at the moment… However dreams keep you working… I'm not religious anymore because I think religions are destroying our personality... I however have some sort of morality... I love nature and all its variations… Most of the time I’m listen, doing or working for music… I couldn’t live without it… Therefore I founded, together with some friends, a little DIY record label called Ashcan Records. I like taking pictures of bands... At the moment I'm more and more working with my camera and even can't leave the house without it... I hate people who are telling me what to do and even haven’t got an own personality… Acceptance is really important for me… I like the little flaws in everyone of us… It’s this what makes life so interesting… I’m trying to create my own personality but don’t always manage to ignore the influences of our society… It’s pretty hard to escape the manipulation and propaganda of media… However I try to live my life in my way… For the rest, well simply contact me, I like to meet new people and perhaps find new friends...
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