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Free Mitglied, Berlin

Über mich

This is maybe for all of you guys out there. That's because I'm writing english. I know three languages very well: German, Thai and English. So, if you want to contact me you can select your language to communicate with me.
Since a few weeks I began to learn Japanese hardly. I mean with all they letters etc. I can speak some and write it in pronounciation language but not the letters (hiragana&katakana) and kanji's. But in some months I think I will be great at it. I hope so.
What I want to say more is that I'm very like art and design and of course photography. Otherwise I wouldn't be here *laughs*
I will show you some pictures soon or maybe if I get my Canon EOS 450/500D I will do that.
Let's see what will be in future.

bless you all

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  • laaitai 9. September 2009, 13:54

    Hey everyone!
    Now I'm allready here, too. Today is a special day I think because It's the 09.09.´09. Ok, It's seem a normal day like the other but I think It's a nice date to be signed up.
    So, what I gotta to say ... I have no idea. If a light switch on I will write here soon. Hope you all enjoy the summer.

    bye ~laaitai
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