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Dr. Akula

Free Mitglied, Manchester,UK- (teporarily) 9th year :)

Über mich


If you're reading this it means that you've gone beyond click-surfing FC and I really appreaciate your interest.

I guess FC is (at least for me) about learning; always finding a better angle, more interesting subject to photograph or just knowing how to make pictures that tell a compelling story. I am at times struggling to capture the great scenes I can see to a 35mm format (or digital equivalent), so I'd really like to hear from you and take a note. A little bit of constructive criticism is always welcome...though if you really like something tell me too... if anything it makes my day! :)

Thanks & Enjoy!


PS: Due to certain (quantity) limitations of FC I have put, for the "curious folks" some extra links to my other pages.


note: It is possible that you'll be required to be registered with hotmail (msn) and/or to have google email account to view some of the pages. Sorry not my fault :]

Kommentare 4

  • Sari N. 19. Dezember 2006, 21:40

    Hi Dr. Akula...
    Very interesting pic.
    Looking forward to see more of your work in future...

  • Katerina Zumrová 26. Juni 2006, 7:12

    jo, rikej mi vlastne jak chces - sem na to docela zvykla...
    dekuju za komentar, potesil :-)
    k babicce sem dorazila - ziva a zdrava - bohuzel,
    buchty uz nebyli, vsechny mi vyfouknul bratr...
    golden way
    golden way
    Katerina Zumrová

    zatim se mej...
    Katerina :-)
  • Sergio Pessolano 25. Juni 2006, 19:05

    Hi Dr. Akula,
    Thank you very much for commenting my photos. I really enjoy your comments.
  • Jacqueline Chay 9. Mai 2006, 12:03

    Hi Doc - Welcome to fotocommunity. Like your portfolio, especially the feather
    Regards from Oz
    Cheers Jackie
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