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Christoph Dietrich

Free Mitglied, Wien

Über mich

I am a self-taught amateur photographer currently living in Vienna, Austria. I was born 1983 in Vienna and I grew up in Petronell - C. in Lower Austria. I've been doing my own photographic since March 2003.

My current interests are in working more with the beautiful light of night photography. I also prefer photography with special effects, via filters. Photography, for me, is a way of simplifying the world around me, of extracting what is visually appealing and attractive from the amazing recording methods of digital photo archiving that I see as a daily basis.

I am not trying to change the world with my photography, and I am rarely trying to make any political or social commentaries. I am simply trying to present what is often a mundane and commonplace subject in a way that highlights what is interesting or attractive about that subject, on its own, or in how it interacts with its surroundings. For these reasons, and for the fact that I usually do not get any creative energy before 3 am, I have been working on night photography quite a bit in the last year.

Night photography has many advantages for me; the solitude, for one. The fantastic light that illuminates objects at night, and the fantastic deep darkness that can be used to throw whatever I consider to be extraneous details into blackness.

I'm working with the Sony Cybershot DSC-717.

Christoph Dietrich, June 2003
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