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Anki Tweety

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Laurel

Über mich

Hey guys!
I'm not a real photographer, I don't even like to walk around and take pictures all the time...makes me feel like a tourist; and even if I am one, I don't like this feeling.
I like to take pictures of things more than of people. I think the best pictures for memories shouldn't be edited, or at least only a little bit. I admire those people who can do arts with pictures. I mean these pictures that don't have anything to do with the original but look just cool.
My dad is a pro at this kind of picture art. It makes me mad if he edidts pictures of me and lets disappear my pimples and stuff like that; not that I like them, but still, I have them and don't want to have faked pictures that make me prettier than I am...but I still love these pictures where you have to look twice to figure out if it is a painting or real and so on.
Enough...the only reason why I opened this account is that I can write comments on my dad's.

Kommentare 2

  • Kurt Hurrle 3. April 2011, 1:32

    Und wer auch ein paar Bilder von Anki Tweety sehen will, kann sie (entsprechend gekennzeichnet-und manchmal ein klein wenig bearbeitet ;-o) in meinem Account finden...
  • Kurt Hurrle 13. März 2007, 17:12

    Hey "little" daughter,

    what a nice surprise to find you here. First of all, I love you how you are and basically pictures of you don't need to be edited to make you prettier as you are but like all pretty women, sometimes some "cosmetic work" makes them even prettier...

    Nice profile pic, looks really good and professional. Now I'm going to look for your pics and let you know all my hard and bad critics and comments...:-). By the way, Alexander and Bernd also have accounts here.

    All the best to Montana

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