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Hi, I am Anastasia and I came to the fotocommunity through Werner Ganser, a friend of my dad. I normaly live in Melbourne, Australia, but now am on a visit in Austria. I did some shootings with Werner and Anna, so soon you will see more of me. If you write in English, it makes it easier for me, as my German is almost nil.

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  • Theresa Kozar 10. Juni 2002, 8:22

    You have captured the essence of the man. I can read so much into this picture,especially the indistint Congratulations on a powerful photograph.

  • Lutz Loebel 9. Juni 2002, 13:02

    Welcome Oz :-)
    Nice to have you here, looking forward seeing more of you, as you had a very, very impressing start :-)
    Hugs 'n kisses (one for Anna ... o.k., for Werner too *smile*) from Munich
  • Rike Bach 9. Juni 2002, 10:44

    Welcome to the fc - I bet you will like it here. And after the first photo I'm very curious to see more of your work. Great start!!!
    Rike :)
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