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Photography is not just pressing a button. It is knowing how to read light, interpret it, tell a visual story with beauty, simplicity. A photograph has to impact the observer, captivate their attention, arouse emotions. A good photograph remains etched in the memory. It is impossible to forget. It involves several factors, visual impact, visual reading, harmony, balance, synthesis, beauty, originality, mastery of light, photographic technique, editing, creativity. That a good camera today is available to everyone does not mean that you are a photographer. To be a photographer, it is necessary to have a great capacity for observation, a talent to relate through images, to have read a lot of poetry, to have seen a lot of cinema, a lot of theater, to know the history of his time and to be able to awaken sleeping consciences, to open minds, create new worlds and new realities. It is not an easy road.

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