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Li-wen Chen

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Über mich


3M: Movie, Music, Mind
3P: Photography, Personality, Passion

"Different Photos "in both English & Deutsch version


Kommentare 22

  • Tamara Trejo 2. Januar 2007, 5:14

    Nice to look @ your photos. From what I can tell you are a high-spirit, with a heart for art. TT
  • A Friend Indeed 13. Dezember 2006, 23:04

    oh i thank you
    [even though it's been quite a while since your comment]
  • Grace Frean 24. November 2006, 13:22

    Hi, thank you for your comment! It's great to hear people's opinions :) I do agree about the pillow! I really need to crop it! Grace x
  • Madame Zucker 23. November 2006, 17:19


    love your pictures
  • Nico Z. 26. September 2006, 20:32

    merci :)
  • Li-Jiao Sauder-Lu 15. August 2006, 1:46

    Ha, it is not easy to see somebody also from Taiwan. :))
    I am very happy to meet you here!
    Cheers, lijiao
  • Franco Forte 15. Juni 2006, 18:31

    like your pictures from Kaohsiung - show us some more of your lovely country

  • Imi Seifenblase 27. Mai 2006, 21:12

    thank you thank you:-)

    i love the one with the thousand lampions..looks amazing!

    look at my next post, i´m really proud of that one;-) i´ll post it tomorrow:D

    have a nice day!!
  • Hot To Death 18. Mai 2006, 14:59

    oh, thanks a lot for your comment!! ((:
  • dusklog 8. Mai 2006, 16:26

    thanks for your comment! lg
  • Fab O 27. Februar 2006, 18:55

    Hey Li-wen,

    it's a great honor for me, that ya wrote such lovely things into my profile ;) I`m very glad *gg*
    And thank u for ya comment on my smoky picture hehe...
    I am gratefull, to met ya!

    Fab O
  • Andrew Sumerton-Somersetshire 26. Februar 2006, 17:13

    thank you for your comment :D

  • Back to live 25. Februar 2006, 5:40

    Thank you. Your comment to "Stuttgarter Ecken V - Blick nach oben" is very nice. :)
    Stuttgarter Ecken V - Blick nach oben
    Stuttgarter Ecken V - Blick nach oben
    Back to live
  • Abdul Khaliq 18. Februar 2006, 21:10

    Hi Alison,
    Thanks for your kind comment on my picture.

    You had a good start, your pictures are very interesting.
  • Valfoto 18. Februar 2006, 16:32

    Thanks for your comment

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