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Kim Le

Free Mitglied, Beaumaris

Über mich

Everlasting Genesis
Subliminal Silence
Concentrated Knowledge
Abstract Sounds
Personal Empowerment
Expression Art

Thoughtful Emotion
Radical Tenderness
Unearthly Grasps
Thinning Barriers
Honing Senses

the world definitely is one amazing place


Kommentare 10

  • Ariane Schneider 4. Juni 2006, 22:25

    Hey Kimi, Nice too see your pictures here. Do you feel good?? HIHI Isch freu Misch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kusni Kasdut 4. Juni 2006, 0:53

    thank you for visiting my pictures Kim and take care
  • Isabel2 Cruz 25. April 2006, 22:13

    Thanks for your comment. I use the photoshop for that photo:)
  • Kerstin Rösler 1. April 2006, 17:08

    Hey Down Under, Hi Kim....especially thanks for your nice comments and also for Greetings from the most beautiful country.
    Wish you always fun and great Shots.
    Regards Kerst
  • Helmut Gross 1. April 2006, 12:14

    Hi Kim,

    thanks for your comment.

    Greetings to Australia.

    Best regards Helmut

  • Vivian Engels 14. März 2006, 12:09

    Hey Kimmi...

    We have some nice pictures of you! ;) You're really photogenic.

    Hope to see you again.
  • Marcus Abraham 13. März 2006, 12:08

    Ahoi Genosse !!! :-)
  • Franco Forte 11. März 2006, 8:46

    welcome to the community of foto takers and lovers.

    Look forward to some more of your nice shots

  • When 10. März 2006, 10:09

    A warm FC welcome Kim. Hope you enjoy the community.
  • Martin Unger 9. März 2006, 21:27

    Hello Kim,
    welcome to the fotocommunity!

    It's a great place to show your pictures, discuss them and share knowledge with colleagues, both amateur and professionals. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or one of my colleagues from the team http://www.fotocommunity.com/info/The_fotocommunity.com_Team

    A lot of information you can also find in our online help http://www.fotocommunity.com/info/Help

    (Great statement above, show us more pictures from the undercover spy... :))

    Greetings from Norway
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