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Viona Ielegems

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  • Drusilla 10. März 2009, 22:49

    Dear Viona
    I love Your photos! They are amazing! I like victorian gothic! best wishes!

    Drusilla from Poland :)
  • Miss Avalancha 9. November 2008, 10:47

    Super schöne Photos!!!!
  • Michael Schröckenfuchs 25. Oktober 2008, 9:23

    I love your pictures - they are very nice!
    All the best from vienna

  • Mia-Wallace 23. Oktober 2008, 20:38

    Hello Viona..
    I like your Art-Work so much..and so long ago..
    exactly your Clothes, accessories..
    Dark Greetings
  • Khari Fotografie 3. September 2008, 21:38

    I realy love all of your Pictures. You have so much talent!
    Lovely Greetings!

  • Circe69 14. August 2008, 11:35

    Hallo Viona
    Klasse pics genial
    lg Nadja
  • LunaFeles 27. Juli 2008, 20:20

    your pictures are breathtaking ...
    i love them...
  • Heidis Graetchen 17. Juni 2008, 15:36

    Your Photo's , what should I write,
    Salut Heidis Graetchen
  • Lukas Ahfeldt 7. Februar 2008, 18:00

    Dear Viona,
    your photos are really amazing :)
    I'll be happy to see more pics soon.

    With nice regards
  • star dust 21. Juni 2007, 20:17

    I love your pictures so much! You are a very good photographer. Your website viona-art is amazing and I´m always happy when you have made a new update.
    Your pictures telling stories.

    star dust
  • Experiment C-B 6. Juni 2007, 21:28

    Hey Viona

    Irgendwann werd ich dich für ein Shooting buchen. Deine Bilder sind so wundervoll :-)

  • Atratus femina 1. April 2007, 11:38

    orange gemacht geschwind geschwind,
    bevor sie wieder verschwunden sind!
    Atratus femina

  • Delightful Meril 7. Januar 2007, 23:03

    Dear Viona!
    I love your pictures!
    Nice to meet you here.
  • Model Tasjadin 2. Oktober 2006, 22:59

    wow your work is really great!!
    Just wanted to let ya know.
    best regards
  • Pascal Triponez 30. März 2006, 17:48

    Better late than never. You're now on my Buddy-List. Greets from Berne
  • Yves Marchand 10. März 2006, 23:05

    Your pictures have something very romantic and are particularly beautifully made !
  • Böses Munggi 20. Februar 2006, 15:29

  • Scissor Fairy. 20. Februar 2006, 15:27

    Hello my picture-goddess,

    Oh,so you're here too :)! Right now i'm enchanted by all your beautyful photos here, that i haven't seen on your homepage yet.
    There is even one of me...thank you! ^^
    I really hope to meet you again soon,this year~

    greetings with fairy dust

  • Claudia.J. Schmidt 20. Januar 2006, 23:07

    salve viona,

    I was visiting your lovely hp for so many times just enjoying your gorgeous photographs !
    I am especially keen on your lolita style !

    Ride on...I keep an eye on your works.

    This time you found me here in fc.
    So decent of you commenting my picture of Henni the Warrior *hrhr* !
    I feel pretty honored.


    PS: Congenial having the same implement ( d70 ) that I am working with !

  • Model Freaky Lotta 19. Januar 2006, 11:16

    wow your pics are great!!!
    its like every pic is telling an little story...!!
    geetz from germany
  • Lily White 19. Januar 2006, 9:58

    Hi Viona,
    Welcome here in the fotocommunity.
    Your pics are so beautiful. hope to see more of this ... I love it.
    best wishes

    Waldelb - träumend in der Abendsonne
    Waldelb - träumend in der Abendsonne
    Lily White
  • T.B.T 13. Januar 2006, 20:30

    Hai bin gerade in deiner Galerie eingebrochen
    Gefällt mir sehr. Bin mal gespannt was noch so kommt .
    Werde dich weiterhin besuchen kommen.
    Weiter so coolen Bilder.
    LG tino

  • Katinka Kat 6. Januar 2006, 17:47

    Just even seen your pics! A lot of beautiful datailed picturs to discover.
    Now you`re "buddied", I´m watching you :)
  • Daniel Krüger 27. Dezember 2005, 16:51

    there are some beautiful pics here... :-)


  • Dani Zobaida 10. Dezember 2005, 13:25

    wonderful pic´s!!! I´m waiting for many more....

    my very best regards

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