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Shery O

Free Mitglied, Toronto

Über mich


.... I want to show you some of my pictures of my town... of my country... hope you'll enjoy 'em...

Kommentare 7

  • Model BlueSign 13. Februar 2006, 23:19

    Thanx for your comment to our picture...nice country you live in...M.S.G. loves it very much, she has been there for a few times...greetings from Germany, Nicole Lydia
  • Georg Holzner 26. November 2005, 1:50

    Hello Shery
    Welcome to FC.
    Have fun here.
    Greetings from Germany

  • closeup20 10. November 2005, 13:12

    Hi Shery!
    Welcome! Have fun here! Quote "...hope you'll enjoy'em" -> I do!
    See you around, waiting for some "cool" winter pics :). I heard that there will be snow today in Toronto.
    See you,
  • Andreas Divjak 10. November 2005, 11:12

    Hi Shery!
    Welcome to FC.
    It´s a great idea to show your town and your country, because I love it and I´ve taken thousands of pics throughout Canada. My last visit isn´t long ago ... and I´m still not back home in Germany ....

  • Gerhard Busch 10. November 2005, 10:03

    Hello Shery,
    A sincere welcome in the fc and much take place by means of your photos. I was some weeks ago in the beautiful and interesting city Toronto and visited on my trip the East of Canada. Sincerely Gerhard
  • Dietmar Bührer 7. November 2005, 13:02

    Hallo Shery,
    herzlich willkommen
    in der großen fc-Familie.
    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß
    und zahlreiche Anmerkungen
    für deine Bilder.
    Liebe Grüße, Dietmar
  • Jan Sommer 7. November 2005, 12:45

    Welcome at the Fotocommunity, hope we see more from your Pictures here. Greetings from Germany.

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