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Sefa Firdaus

Free Mitglied, Bremen

Über mich

The reason I bought my DSLR camera by the end of 2007, was the beauty of Germany, a country where I have spent my almost seven up and down years. It will be such a waste if I don't freeze the beautiful scenery of Germany (Europe in general) since I don't have any idea until when I will be staying here.

But as I've already build a new hobby in cooking and baking, my interest in food photography has grown bigger. That's why, please don't feel bored by browsing around my gallery if you find most of my photos are food related.

As I am still a rookie in photography, all your constructive feedback are the most welcome here.

I am sorry if your eyes are distracted by my water mark as I was a victim of copyright violation. One of my photo was taken and published in a newspaper based on my homeland country without asking my permission.

I do hope that you are enjoying seeing my photos.

Sefa Firdaus

Foodblog: http://dapurnegeridongeng.blogspot.com/
Photoblog: http://ceritanegeridongeng.blogspot.com/

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