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Pia Visocnik

Free Mitglied, Maribor

Über mich

I was born on 29 january 1991 in Maribor,a city
located in perhaps not so large but exceptionally
beautiful Slovenia.In 1998 my parents enrolled
me in the swimming school in the Maribor*s
swimming club Branik.For the next two years i was learning the swimming
techniques and in the season 2000/2001 i was
already transferred into the competition group.
Thus i started to attend swimming contests both
at home and abroad.At all competitions,where i
took part,i achieved excellent results.

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  • Ich glaubte die Welt zu entdecken 24. April 2003, 15:38

    You've sucess in swimming. Congratulations.
    Taking photos can be as difficult as swimming.
    My motto: Keep on trying and never give up.
    Greetings from Germany,
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