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O.D. ´see

Free Mitglied, Mellieha

Über mich

Those commonplace and merely beautiful pictures, which thrive mainly
thanks to the charm of some actual object, are thrust into the
background in favor of experiments and fresh solutions. Adventures into
the realm of optics are still for the most part unpopular. But only that
photography which enlists the help of the experimental will be able to
lay bare all the technical formation of the visual experience in our

—Otto Steinert

Kommentare 5

  • A.. R.. 9. April 2006, 10:08

    mehr davon! :)
  • Anja C 31. Juli 2005, 3:25

    It´s a pity, that you exhibit no more.

    Best greetings from Anja
  • Breitengrad 1. Mai 2004, 21:50

    Thank you for your fantastic street fotos
  • Ina Hesmer 9. November 2003, 23:57

    And I was working towards having *less* buddies...
    ;) Great pictures, I am looking foward for more of your work.

  • Thomas Adorff 15. Oktober 2003, 17:17

    great pictures!! i think i have a new buddy :-)
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