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Hermann Hartwig

Basic Mitglied, Landsberg

Über mich

Hi there
I'm Hermann 57 from Germany and a new member in FC . I've been in photography for 42 years now so amongst others I worked as a freelancer for newspapers, mags as well as I took pics for advertising by 6x6 Hasselblad.
Due to changes in my job over the last ten years I have taken pics for technical documentation, only.

However since last year I found a passion for digital photography incl. composing as I use at the moment NIKON D 3000, D 90, D 200 with various lenses especially wide angle.

I like black & white and my themes are mainly "Lost Places" and "Classic cars".

Therefore I'm sure to have good sharing and communication as I would like to thank those of you who can give my some clues to improve my images. For image processing I have to start from a scratch, basically.

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