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Über mich

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. Although I took pictures more than half of my life now I still have a lot to learn.

My first cam was a Practica MTL3, built in the 70ies due to budget restrictions and the stellar options of enhancing the M42-Screw-Mount-System. Because every step of usage was fully manual with this pretty nice bulky piece of workmanship of the former GDR I had the opportunity to get used to technical features of photography suchs as aperture and time settings soon.

My first AF and digital cam was a Canon 30d three decades later. So I am not used to fast shooting really. I like shooting landscapes and nature including trees, fog, animals, my pets and macros.

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Canon 1Ds MkII, 5D, different EF lenses 17 - 300 mm;
Samsung NX300 und NX3000, Pancake 2/30 and Kit-Zoom 18-55;
some film gear (Canon FD with FD lenses 28 - 135mm; Bronica ETRC with 75 and 150mm; and my oldest: late 50ies Voigtlander Bessa I 6x9cm folding rangefinder)