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Madhya Pradesh

मध्‍य प्रदेश
In Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is the state’s northernmost city and a convenient entry point. Gwalior’s landmark is its hilltop fort which contains a fine museum and an ancient temple, among, other monuments. 120 km from Gwalior is the medieval city of Orchha with exquisite palaces and cenotaphs. Built by an 11th century king of the Bundela dynasty, Orchha is now a ghost city containing the remains of what must have been once spectacularly lovely monuments, and which combine Hindu and Muslim architectural. traditions. Shivpuri, atop a plateau, contains two picturesque lakes and a national park that abounds in species of deer and antelope. Khajuraho, an obscure village, no more than a clearing in the jungle, now captures world attention for its 22 temples built by rulers of the Chandela dynasty. Each temple, built of stone, is distinguished by carved spires and walls, where the subjects range from aesthetic depictions of major and minor deities and celestial beings to a variety of erotic sculptures.
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