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Free Mitglied, münchen =]

Über mich

don't know how to see it
it looks dangerous to me
what shall i do if it's gettin' worse?
what about all the pain?
what about all the shame?
it's gonna make me sad...

i have to believe in this fuckin' shit they all call a life
in fact everyone of us
wants to forget that he is expected to do such things right
i won't let it get into my broken heart
i won't let it build up inside of me
i won't let this build up inside of me

why aren't we allowed to believe in something we want to believe in?
why are we caught of our own minds?
isn't there a real dream for gettin' out of this hell...?
it sucks being unexpected in our own idea
because all bases on everyones smile

i know it's no use tellin' you this,
because people are only shit...
we will lose this war against ourselves
and we will move to other sides
to see the shadows of our selfish life

all ideas of this perfect world
are going to fall down...
thery are all falling in pieces
to be never thought and never known

people are only shit...
some of them want to use you,
some of them wanna get used by you..
but when their eyes are lookin' up to reality
they always want to close them
and try to forget what they have ever seen...

they don't want to realize what's going on
in this fuckin' shit we all call life...they aren't able to open their spirits
for discovering something real...


I watch the hope,
I had disintegrate
before my eyes
I take a minute and reflect on all your fucking lies
Behind the door, you have two choices,
but you don't get to choose.
You can survive or you can die.
either way you lose.

All you want is solace.
All you got to break us.
All I have to do is.

Stop your fucking nonsense

Kommentare 6

  • Corinna Dumat 2. September 2007, 14:38

    hey. dankescheen für die anmerkung. dazu braucht man einfach nur en handy mit wenig pixel! ;-)

    lg cori
  • Nessylein 28. Juli 2007, 12:09

    =) *wusch*
  • Mako Art photography 28. Juli 2007, 11:41

    Herzlich Willkommen in der Community. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß hier und viele tolle Bildideen.
    LG Karsten

  • White Pearl 28. Juli 2007, 11:14

    Herzlich wilkommen in der FC. Ich wünsche dir noch viele schöne und einzigartige Fotos!

    LG Alex
  • M.o.n.i Lang 28. Juli 2007, 0:09

    hey ^^. das war ganz einfach... das ist zwar ne wildente, aber sie ist aus nem großbetrieb gerettet worden, und von menschenhand aufgezogen worden.
  • DSK 27. Juli 2007, 22:40

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