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Wim Kuilman

Free Mitglied, Delft

Über mich

Ahhh, well, what made me start taking photo's... That's a tough question to answer, it must have been part fashination, part inspiration. Often my inspiration comes from a deeply founded fashination for natural subjects. This also means that you will not see many pictures of me with people on them, it seems that these pictures are just doomed to fail ;-) And, believe me, that's not from lack of trying.

As it is now, I like taking macro photo's of insects, especially of (butter)flies. But I've been known to take on some flowers and landscapes as well.

My equipment consists of a lot of stuff, I just don't seem to be able to sell any of my old equipment. This means that I still own an OM-1, a Canon T70 and three Leica R types. I am going (at least, that's the plan) to condens this to one Leica R8.

I also own two digital camera's, a Nikon CoolPix 3100 (this is my everyday camera, I don't leave home without) and a Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi.

I'm sorry for the lack of German, I've written this for the .com site, but it seems to have ended up on the German site as well.
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