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Thomas Borrmann

Free Mitglied, Wellington

Über mich

Scientist. Need I write more?
Well, OK...more...I am a scientist on the hunt for the artistic moment in my work. If you think back to the times of people like Leonardo or Michelangelo etc. before the concept of "science" was invented, "scientists" were most of the time also artists. They were seen as inventive and necessary to the develpoement of society. They might have been controversial and not always popular, but generally people thought of them as valuable assets.
This view of the world was replaced in relatively recent times by a rather sterile and uninspiring image of strange incomprehensible people in white lab coats. Science seems to be rather a threat than an inspiration nowadays. With publications like this one here, I try to figure out, if there is a way to return to the old view of science as an art form. Can I make non-scientists see the inspiration and fascination hidden under all the modern technology? We will see.
There you go. That was probably more information than you really wanted.
As a side remark: I started taking pictures with a "normal" Minolta X-700 about 18 years ago and have not stopped using it yet. The scanning electron microscopy work started four years ago. It is kind of exciting to handle a camera weighing several tons and being worth several hundred thousands of NZ$ or Euro.
Personally: I was born in Germany and yes, I could write all this in German, but English is by now simply easier and faster of hand.

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