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Rashid Wels

Free Mitglied

Über mich

Peace ! Let it come into your heart ! I am British, born in Scotland. I am living in Germany since 1989 ! I am half German, but which half of me I am not sure ! My father was Estonian,from Tallinn. I learned photography through him as a child. I think my brain is British, my body German, my soul Muslim..........................- My common sense is Estonian!
I embraced Islam in 1974 in England. I practice Islam as much as I can...........its not impossible even in Europe! I also worked 8 years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I enjoy being a muslim, its great, and I have made so many friends since being muslim! Its the best, ask me!
In Germany I know so many many german muslims, but the Media never lets them speak here, they think Islam is outside Germany. Its already here and everyday,week, or month a german becomes muslim.........so its not by force! They enter freely, isnt that democratic? No its Islamic....Islam is a free choice!
Have a peaceful day! Talk to a muslim today and communicate, not hate!

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