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I have always been interested in the arts---and found self expression in them the most natural for me.It was not until my college years did I take a shine to photography.Since having my child 2 years ago---I have flurished in a grander way ---and have decided follow this new chapter in my life to its fullest enjoyment.
I only use a digital camera---but have had experience with film-and some at home lab developing and all.
I find my lens wandering more towards my daughter...and nature than anything else---but I am open minded--and know the world is full of moments -that need capturing.
I use mostly natural lighting-but am looking to buy more advanced equipment .

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  • Dirk Hofmann 1. August 2005, 1:03

    Hi Rachel!

    I also want to say "Welcome to Fotocommunity.com!”

    This is a place to look at, think about and discuss photos and I’m quite sure that you’ll find a bunch of nice people around here which share your hobby!
    Hope you'll have the fun I have since I became a member!

  • Abdul Khaliq 19. Juli 2005, 6:54

    Hi Rachel, thanks for your kind comment on my pic. . Your pictures speaks art.
  • Wilhelm Harlander 18. Juli 2005, 16:37

    Servus Rachel,

    viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City

  • Peter Lawrence 18. Juli 2005, 11:03

    G'day from Downunder Rachel and welcome to fc,
    Here you will find many willing to give you constructive advise, please enjoy your stay with us
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