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Free Mitglied, Bocsa

Über mich

The future is incomprehensible different, and a quantum leap faster and smarter.

I urge YOU, "Read this, to the end!" It is not all about me, but YOU.

Freestyle guru or consultant – a very enchanting headline in The-Guardian describes a virtue to the point, this is my „ahead of time“ but alas „ahead of demand“ freestyle attitude as a project consultant.
Bringing change addresses future demands which are not even half-comprehended today.
And the social consequences? Who cares in an excellerating changing world?

Photography brings so much more bandwidth to a man-machine-communication than touch screen buttons. Do we use it? Resist progress, demand a virtual keyboard.

My engineering degree i got at age of 22. Same year as a junior software engineer i attended training in creativity and smart-brain classes, much to the bewildering of my IT-manager.

Some years before public internet, in 1989 i designed an alibaba-like public real estate trade platform for brokers on than public available WAN protocols which was abhorred by the target audience;
- only the second mouse gets the cheese.

Today, again tempting providence, i believe:
Having studied exponential behavior in cybernetics i am very alerted by the exponential growth of the information tsunami. Try to imagine, where are we in 3 years? 5 years?
Holographic photography? Can you imagine? ... on a flat screen? And the results instrumentalized as a creative communication channel for man-machine-communication.

The world-renowned scholar, Prof. Tom Peters, lectures very inspiring on that issue, warning us for decades, that „industrial-age-culture in business“ will disappear.

We have to implement an abundance of change – fast – now!
And YOU, photographer, are the key contributor to seemless man-machine-communication. Do YOU care?

This underlines my case, a freestyle-guru/project management consultant skill set is the next level of addressing future relevance. As a passionate and results orientated real whizz-kid within the Information-Tech-sector, i have a proven track record of providing excellent levels of project support within a broad range of business sectors, reporting subordinated to any level of leadership including VIPs and high-profile individuals.

Do you want to taste a „passionate, creative, result-orientated real whizz-kid“? Try one of my personally vinified superb Cabernet Sauvignon red wines!
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