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Pierre-thomas KARKAU

Free Mitglied, DÜSSELDORF

Über mich


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  • Pierre-thomas KARKAU 20. September 2013, 10:51


    Hallo Ihr Lieben,
    hoffe es geht euch gut?! Bin nach Shooting in Paris wieder in Düsseldorf und freue mich natürlich wieder über jede Anfrage, jeden Job, jedes Portrait-Editorial, jede Show+Katalog und jede coole freie Arbeit.
    Auf meiner Homepage sind die Bereiche, das Booking, die Vita und die latest News aktualisiert, reinschauen lohnt sich natürlich wie immer ;)
    Also auf bald
    Liebe Grüße


    Hey my dearest,
    hope you are doing great! After a Shooting in Paris im back in Düsseldorf and im happy about every request, booking, editorial, show or whatever J
    My Homepage has been updated, new Pictures in the gallery, and of course the latest news. Watch out
    See you soon
    kindly Regards

  • Pierre-thomas KARKAU 27. Februar 2009, 13:07

    Pierre Thomas Karkau loves life as he loves women. Women were the subject of the black and white photographs of his previous book MODELS SECRET, and they are again the topic of the colour photographs in his newly published work COLOROTIC with which PTK further develops his interpretation of the female aura and eroticism. For PTK women – mainly shown as semi-nudes or nudes – are beautiful, highly feminine creatures of great sensuality, erotic vibrancy and allurement. This does not solely emanate from the women's bodies and forms but also from their lust (for life), their assertiveness, strength and sometimes even from the positions, gestures, facial expressions and other body signals that serve to demonstrate their predominance and power. In PTK's photography men only play very subordinate roles, if any at all – but they are the main addressees of his artful play with emotions, fantasies, ambitions and needs. It is a masterful interaction of perspective and light, underlined and accentuated by powerful predominantly warm colours. After years as assistant to top photographers in the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, New York and Düsseldorf under his belt, PTK is an internationally renowned photographer who mainly works for the fashion and advertisement industry. However, he continues his artwork with COLOROTIC which has been influenced not only by the classic ideas of visuality of the last decades but is also inspired by recent trends in colour photography. As a result PTK has been published the world over in magazines such as FHM, GQ, MAX, MAXIM, PLAYBOY, RED HOT, WIENER and many more. This latest development should particularly delight his friends and admirers; the collectors of his work will certainly welcome his increasing artistic proximity to such great names of his trade as Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Testino and Helmuth Newton. You can gain further insight into PTK's work under www.ptk-photo.com where you will find impressive examples of his photographic oeuvre from different fields of fashion photography.
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