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Percy Beddows

Free Mitglied, Bechtolsheim

Über mich

Well, being away from home I miss all the changes that go on old for new.
So every chance I get I make photos of the changes.
Trying to get photos of old places before they are gone for ever.
My main aim is Wales. I hope in the near future to return and start a tour of North Wales. This is the land of photos.
Every bridge has a story. Every river or stream has a tale to tell.
At 55 I`m starting quite late learning how to use the new systems.
But hope I can get some help from the members on what I need within my price range.
I can see by the photos here that the members have high standards and I wish one day to be half as good as some of them. Percy

Kommentare 3

  • Frank P aus D 22. Juli 2003, 12:54

    Hi Percy ! Welcome here, and it is great to see a Swansea man on the german internet. I spent some years in Swansea myself, and your photographs still look like "home" to me. I know all the places very well (except the Swansea tram in operation, of course....)
    Frank Pawellek
  • Lydia S. 22. Juli 2003, 11:10

    A very warm welcome in the FC...
    Where are you from? Because of your pictures I think you are from Wales. I make you Buddy, because I would like to see more fotos from your country.
    Much loves
  • O. B. 22. Juli 2003, 7:54

    welcome in the FC...
    I hope your pictures will grow up sometimes...
    Juast kidding, I like your photos very much. They sometimes look as they where shot some years ago...?
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