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  • Josep A. Collado 23. Februar 2005, 0:33

    Hi Christos,
    Sometimes to say "nice" is enough to explain a
    Thank you for the comment
    Josep Antoni
    Josep A. Collado
  • Christoph Hammann 10. Februar 2005, 3:36

    Thanks for reviewing
    You use lots of effects in your posted photo, bit of a Photoshop Artist, aren't you?
  • Frank Siebert 4. Februar 2005, 9:20

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for your comment.
    First of all i was unsure about the face expression,
    but it seems to work somehow.

    Greetings, Frank
  • JVision 31. Januar 2005, 20:33

    Hi Christos,
    welcome to the fotocommunity.
    I hope you have fun here.
    Kind regards
  • Nicole Stephen 30. Januar 2005, 5:52

    Hi....thanks 4 thanks! The water photo blew me away. Keep on the same track and then the subject titles will flow. Always use your instinct....enjoy fotocommunity....ns
  • Viktoria Shorite 29. Januar 2005, 18:50

    Thank you for your comment (Goog Morning, I'm your coffee)! And WELCOME IN THE FC!!!
  • Ebi Fotofix 27. Januar 2005, 6:52

    Hi, welcome here in the fc!!
    Greetings from Germany
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