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  • Maria Rex 4. Dezember 2009, 14:12

    Thanks a lot for your nice comments!!!
  • Lora629 7. Juni 2008, 3:23

    Thanks for your comment~and for sharing your wonderful pics!Have a nice day~
  • Maria Rex 27. März 2008, 0:02

    Thnx for your lovely comment!!! hope you are doing fine!! Make more pics!!))
    Cheers, Maria
  • newzealandbanana 7. Februar 2008, 14:34

    no, not yet, but i definitely will take some cemetery pics, just bought my first camera, so those pics of mine r my first : )
    hve a good week!
    xx banana
  • Ludwig Goiginger 31. Januar 2008, 18:27

    Good Luck for you flight!

    Dont worry!
  • newzealandbanana 31. Januar 2008, 1:12

    hey thats great! mexico, isn't it amazin? we're so far away from each other n still we can comment our photos! cheers by th way ; )
    interestin that u love cemeteries, me too, n i never found a person before, who likes cemeteries: ))
    nice 2 meet u!!
    xx banana
  • Maria Rex 5. Oktober 2007, 18:28

    Thanx for your comment!!! really nice to hear from u! how are u doing?? again like the man on fire!! it's amazing!
    Cheers, Maria
  • Jacqueline Chay 12. Juli 2007, 12:55

    Hi Dennice, Thank you very much for commenting on my pic
    Jacqueline Chay
    I am very happy that you like it
    Regards from Australia
  • Doug Hough 10. Juli 2007, 21:09

    Hi Dennice, Thank you for your kind comments on "At Heaven's Gate." Your thoughts are appreciated. Best Wishes, Doug
    At Heaven's Gate
    At Heaven's Gate
    Doug Hough
  • Daniel Aguiñaga 26. März 2007, 5:45

    Muchisimas gracias por tus comentarios, es un placer de recibirlos de alguien con tan buen gusto fotográfico como tu... mil gracias
  • Li-wen Chen 8. Februar 2007, 0:41

    the old days...
    the old days...
    Li-wen Chen

    hi there,
    first tks for the comment, really appreciate it! :]
    I took by 35mm film, coz it's hard to give up the old fashion beauty..ha ha

  • Robyn Raggio 20. Januar 2007, 20:17

    Hi Dennice,
    Thanks so much for your lovely and kind words. I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Just send me a fotomail and I'll do what I can to advise. Thanks again for your confidence in me. It means a great deal and is very humbling.
  • Maria Rex 10. Januar 2007, 15:48

    Hey Dennice!!!
    How are you doing??? hope all is great! thanx for ur comment and congratilations!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you!!!! i know i'm a little bit late :) but still all the best!!! Maria
  • Doug Hough 12. Dezember 2006, 3:02

    Hi Dennice,

    Thank you for your kind coments on my photos.

    Best Wishes, Doug
  • DRAGA PUC 20. November 2006, 9:01

    hi, thank you... nice to have a new fc friend. as I said this dance was my first intention for the title. I am going to change it however. thanks for commnet and the idea of the dance...