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  • Mithras... 21. Oktober 2007, 15:54

    After several years of working as an international gaffer, lighting technician and lighting designer, medical issues forced Mithras to stop what he loved doing most. In his years as freelancer he worked with professional directors like Peter Greenaway, Terry Gilliam, Ridley Scot and Mike van Diem. But besides cinematography Mithras also loved working at theatres and Music Events. Even fashion shows are part of his resume.. All this experience is very usefull in his current job as Programmanager Events Management at a Dutch school for higher education. To satisfy the creative needs of Mithras, he recently started to make photographs himself.

    The film, theatre and music experience is reflected in the style in which Mithras takes his pictures. Frames, scenery, props, clothing, makeup, setdressing, all take part in trying to capture the perfect moment. Each picture tells his own story of emotion. All Mithras has to do is trying to cap that specific emotion. Post Production takes care of the effects afterwards. Inside the frame Mithras believes in natural colors, high definition, high contrasts and direct lighting.

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