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I like walking in nature. I am foto amateur, usually prefer photo of mushrooms but occasionally I photo wilde plants and landscape.

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  • Lynks44 19. Januar 2018, 22:58

    Hi Milos anyone how likes Fungi like you i can not fall.
  • Rainboweyes 5. September 2017, 0:49

    Dobry den, Milos,
    your mushroom-pictures are amazingly beautiful! You say, you are an amateur, but your pictures look very professional!
    Best regards,
  • johannHH 20. März 2017, 11:39

    Hello Milos,
    Very beautiful photos! I live in Hamburg, there are also mushrooms, but not in this variety. Many thanks and greetings from Hamburg, Jan.
  • bijane 15. März 2017, 22:28

    vielen dank für dein lob milos, freut mich das dir mein superblatt gefällt . vg bijane
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