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Mikael Ve

Free Mitglied, Nykøbing F

Über mich

Hi everybody.

I’m a man from Denmark, born in the year 1966. I have been photographing the last 20 years, mostly for fun and at vacations. 8 month ago I bought my first digital camera.

For the last 6 month I have been photographing models in my own small studio in my cellar. I’m finding it most interesting to make photos of models, specially because they certainly don’t act the same way as a bridge or a mountain. Not that I had hoped for that. :-)

By joining the photo-community I hope to learn more about photographing models. I have been using hours studying your photos. And I think I have been mowing closer to the target.

I speak and read German very well but have some problems by spelling it, that’s why I am writing in English.

My camera is an Nikon D70 with the lenses 24-85mm, 3,5-4,5 and the travelling lens 28-200mm. I know that none of them is the best to use photographing models in studio, buts that what I could afford. So far it’s OK for me.

Best regards
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