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Michael Trezzi

Free Mitglied

Über mich

My first camera was an old Laica, which I got as a gift when I was 9 or 10 years old. However since I upgraded from CANON EOS50 ED to the digital CANON EOS 10D , photography became much more fun, giving me the opportunity to express myself, to show things how do I see them. And of course I enjoyed the fact, I do not have to lead endless discussions with Mini Labs anymore about what was missing on the print although it was on the film. Recently I upgraded to CANON 5D with an interim period with CANON 20D.

My preferred themes are People, Landscape and Architecture as well as Action.

Photography as my main hobby gives me the privilege to see the World as it is, in all its colors, shapes and lights, to see people reflecting not only happiness, but also tough moments of their life while overcoming various challenges. Photography is a special miracle for me allowing me to preserve the beauty of a very short moment for ever and allowing me to keep returning to that moment again and again.

And digital technology and computers with PS changed the until then picturing of the reality into a real art. Real art of taking the original shot as the beginning for my own creation, for expressing myself how I see the World. It enables to emphesize the feeling, the scent, the sound of the moment, actually everything what caught my attention. And create perhaps a picture which is not a copy of the reality, however enables to create a picture with emotions to share.

Kommentare 31

  • Zhiwen Wang 23. Februar 2008, 22:40

    Hey Michael:
    Thank you very much for your comment!
    I am really happy that you like it.

  • Katarina A 10. November 2007, 7:23

    Hello Michael,
    Thank you for the visit
    Best wishes Katarina
    A vulnerable moment...
    A vulnerable moment...
    Katarina A
  • Michael Gambel 15. Januar 2005, 11:41

    Vielen Dank für deine Pro- Stimme.

  • Alex Oberreiner 11. Januar 2005, 22:53

    prepare for landing....
    prepare for landing....
    Alex Oberreiner

    prepare for landing into the galerie....

    Hallo Michael, dank deinem Pro hat das ganze wie geschmiert funktioniert. Danke dafür!
  • CA RA 9. Januar 2005, 22:18

    Danke für Dein PRO für mein Foto
    durch Deine Stimme habe ich mein erstes Sternchen erhalten.
    Danke..... ;-)
    Gruß C@rlo
  • Sigrun Fischer 8. Januar 2005, 22:34

    vielen Dank für Dein PRO zu meinem Foto
    Ein Lichtblick 2
    Ein Lichtblick 2
    Sigrun Fischer

    Es ist mein erstes Sternchen und ich bin sehr glücklich darüber! :)

    LG Sigi
  • Jacky Kobelt 12. Dezember 2004, 18:51

    Hi Michael,
    with great pleasure I went through your excellent gallery. I must admit, you really have the privilege to see the world as it is in colours and lights - and even more important, you are talented to preserve the beauty of such moments for us again and again.
    Thank you and congratulations.
    Greetings from Switzerland
  • Rainer Switala 12. Dezember 2004, 17:44

    Komme erst jetzt dazu mich für dein pro
    Licht und Schatten
    Licht und Schatten
    Rainer Switala

    zu bedanken
    Habe mich sehr über das Sternchen gefreut
    Gruß Rainer
  • Atem Pause 17. November 2004, 21:06

    Hab vielen Dank für Dein PRO - die Tropfen am Stiel haben es geschafft!!! :-)))

    Einen schönen Abend wünsche ich,
  • Karin Hartwig 13. November 2004, 11:44

    Sorry, Michael, that HARD LIFE IN HER EYES did not reach the stars :-) Maybe the next time...
    Regards, Karin
  • Brigitte G. 12. November 2004, 14:45

    Vielen lieben Dank Michael für dein Pro, es hat mir zu meinem ersten Sternchen verholfen und ich freue mich riesig darüber.
    Liebe Grüsse
  • Louisa Schlepper 12. November 2004, 13:11

    Ein liebes Dankeschön für dein Pro!!

    in my dreams
    in my dreams
    Louisa Schlepper

    freu mich sehr! :-))

  • Garry 11. November 2004, 21:30

    Thanks for your pro!!!
    Greets Garry
  • n o r B Ä R t 26. August 2004, 22:53

    Bin auf Dankes-Tour ! *grins*

    Merci !
    Thanks !
    Mille Grazie !

    -° I °-
    _ V _

    LG Norbert

    N O R B Ä R t

  • Reinhold Grabher 19. August 2004, 23:26

    Hallo Michael

    Sehr schade dass es die Harbour Bridge nicht in die Gallerie geschafft hat! Ist wirklich ein klasse Bild!
    Gruss Reinhold
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