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Michael Muise

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, North Vancouver,BC

Über mich

I am an amateur photographer living in North Vancouver with my significant other. I believe in preserving the originality of a shot rather than photoshoping the heck out of it. So many shots that win contests are so unbelievably digitized that they no longer resemble a real photo anymore. I don't think this is what some of the great photographers had in mind.

I believe a great shot consists of a percentage of opportunity and the rest creativity, the equipment(right equipment) helps but is not as important as opportunity and creativity.

I hope you enjoy my images, there will be more forthcoming as I am planning to change my membership status on this site soon.

Of course my images are available for prints...

Thank you - Eye Contact Photography -North Vancouver,BC,Canada

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  • Natalia 5 9. Dezember 2015, 15:25

    Good time , Michael! Thank you very much for your congratulations! Please accept my congratulations! I wish You happiness! And the dog You have here! Sincerely,Natalia.
  • Natalia 5 20. September 2015, 15:42

    Good time,Michael !Thank you for your attention to pics!Glad You liked the squirrel! I wish You happiness!Sincerely,Natalia.
  • Adele Oliver 20. August 2015, 2:20

    thank you very much for your praise, Michael .... I just have a little PowerShot (see EXIF), macro results as well as tele are often surprising ...
    greetings, Adele
  • Paolo Vannucchi 4. September 2012, 23:52

    Les coquelicots....
    Les coquelicots....
    Paolo Vannucchi

    Thanks Michael for your appreciation !!!
  • Sergio Storai 3. Oktober 2011, 19:31

    Thank you very much for your visit and your appreciation of Michael!
  • Vera M. Shulga 3. Oktober 2011, 15:46

    Thank you very much,Michael,for your nice comment in my old account. It was 2,85 zoom and 80-100 cm distance ( and perfect sunny spring light).
    Nymphalis io
    Nymphalis io
    Vera Shulga
  • yogi bear 15. Oktober 2010, 10:56

    Hey Michael,
    thank you for commenting my latest pic...
    --> the "Lion's Castle" (tysk: Löwenburg), (350 m above sea level. NN), is lokated in the southern part of "Mountain Park - Wilhelmshöhe" and thus the visual axis lock Monument-Hercules and City Kassel.
    It was built to plans by Heinrich Christoph Jussow in the period from 1793 to 1800. The lion's castle is an imitation of a medieval English castle, and was romantic historicist deliberately built as an part decaying ruin.
    For more information about this location
    (second Link not available in english..)

    greetings: yogi bear
  • Vera Shulga 14. Oktober 2010, 19:49

    Thank you very much,Michael,for your nice comment!
    my twilight guest on the window glass
    my twilight guest on the window glass
    Vera Shulga
    Greetings Vera
  • digiart picture 14. Oktober 2010, 19:47

    Hi Michael,
    thanks for your nice comment from great Canada.
    Sorry but "a wizard" does not reveal any tricks ;-))
    Look at my pictures and let yourself be enchanted.;-))
    Greetings from good old Germany
  • Owen McLeod 28. Mai 2010, 14:27

    Thank you. I am glad you like it.
  • Owen McLeod 28. Mai 2010, 14:21

    Thanks you for your comment. This is the bridge to Quebec City. There is a partial picture of it earlier in my portforlio; I had to go back and take a picture of the whole thing.
  • Owen McLeod 22. März 2010, 20:17

    By the way Michael. Welcome to Fotocommunity.
  • Owen McLeod 22. März 2010, 20:02

    When you wrote this comment, what picture were you referring to? Owen

    >Great shot, making me home sick... I know
    >every building in this photo and have worked
    >in them...
    >Best Regards,
  • Owen McLeod 22. März 2010, 19:47

    I have a shot with the ice rink... If I get an opportunity I will post it.
    PS Reminder to use the Post Commment button instead of the QM button.

    >I've spent many hours in this building and
    >playing hockey and skating when they turn
    >the water fountain into an ice rink in the
    >winter... Fond memories, its gorgeous this
    >part of downtown, Bay street, you have
    >what used to be Simpson Sears around the
    >corner, they had awesome windows at
    >Christmas time, and old City Hall just next
    >Beautiful shot...
    >Best regards,
  • Owen McLeod 22. März 2010, 19:16

    I see you know Toronto well. Thanks again.
    PS For future consideration: When you post a comment on a picture you need to select the post a comment button and not the QM button. Then your comment gets put under the picture. For now I've copied all your comments under my picture.

    >Hahahaha.. The Red Rocket, the old ones
    >used to be yellow and red, these ones also
    >come articulated(extensions) for more
    >seating capacity like our buses...
    >But you didn't get a shot of a Toronto
    >Taxi-cab rammed and stuck on the front of
    >the streetcar lol
    >This streetcar leaves Bathurst STN and goes
    >right into the Canadian National Exhibition
    >(CNE) which starts Aug 23rd and runs until
    >Sept 3rd (my birthday).
    >Great shot....
    >Best regards,
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