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Mattias Nordgren

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Malmö

Über mich

Started taking photos for real about 1985-86 with an old Olympus OM-10. Bought a Canon EOS 600 a few years later and spent a lot of time splashing around with chemicals in darkrooms.

In 2000 I bought a Nikon 880 and now I really enjoy the simplicity of working digitally. Saving up for a DSLR, hoping to be able to move my photography to the level I was used to before I bought the 880 ;)

Just before the end of last year I actually had enough to buy a D70, with the Sigma 18-50/f2.8 :)
Now I just have to decide which other lenses to get over time - and start taking a lot more pics :)))

One more lens in the bag now, a Nikon 85/f1.8 - and I love it. Next one will probably have to wait a while and until then I'll borrow that great Nikon 80-200/f2.8 as often as I can ;)

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  • Jens Lange 11. August 2005, 7:25

    Hi Mattias,

    very nice concertphotography! Welcome to my buddylist...

    Keep Rockin,

  • Mike Zimmermann 24. Juli 2005, 19:08

    I´ve seen your comments under some of my buddies pictures and that forced me to take a closer look at yours. What I´ve found, was actually the same stuff that I like and do. So I just hit the Buddy-Button to see more of it!
    Greetz, Mike
  • Mattias Nordgren 20. Juli 2005, 0:32

    @Dash: Not sure if you have a look here now and then, but the lens choices are updated ;)
  • Dash Banis 4. Juli 2005, 20:22

    welcome here :) i am fairly new (looks like newer than you even LOL)
    but alas after seeing your Catsle IR's had to stop by and see more
    curious bout the lenses you will decide to get in the end so keep that posted :)
  • Thomas Adorff 29. März 2005, 22:49

    i have to write something here....i think you know that you are on my buddylist!
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