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I am an amature photographer trying to break into the world of photography and like to experiment with many types of photo topics, I'me giving my olympus camera a bit of a head ache though.I must say all the comments good or bad make me want to do better this is the best site I've ever come across and must congratulate the organizers. I use the olympus E-500 with 2 lenses and a couple of filters not a huge array of kit I know but fun all the same. I have a theory if there is anything I like to look at I'll photograph it that's why my photographs are so varied and are my interpretaion within the photograph. 01543 373232 or 07929375347 my ambition is to have a gallery alongside other simular persons.

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  • Nina Mukhashvili 6. Juli 2014, 18:39

    Good evening Martin, thank u very much for the kind comment on my picture. It inspires me to do better. Have a nice day!
  • Taabu 11. Februar 2011, 5:24

    Hi Martin! Thanks for your comment.
  • MPaniz 13. Dezember 2010, 9:46

    Than You, I`m happy
  • Gernot Keller 7. Juni 2010, 22:29

    Certainly not mainstream, your pictures.
    Rather on the search for identity, for a personal style, if I may say so. The world's big, divers and fascinating, and that's what your portfolio tells every visitor.
    You're experimenting with colour and other effects.
    I am impressed.

  • John Willems 20. Dezember 2009, 19:35

    Together to The Light.
    A Merry Christmas to everyone.
  • Max Giorgetta 3. Dezember 2009, 22:22

    Thanks for comment. hello
  • Uwe W.Jost 5. November 2009, 22:32

    Bedanke mich für den Kommentar zu "Park im Herbst"
    Gruß Uwe
  • Jenamu 1. November 2009, 20:08

    Thanks for your comment! :-)
    Kind regards, best wishes,
  • Daniela Winge 31. August 2009, 23:35

    And your black and whites are brilliant!
  • Daniela Winge 31. August 2009, 23:26

    Sorry I comented in German- hope you sort of understand, next time I know better.
    I somehow thought that canal with the stone bridge was somewhere in England- I' m half English myself and have just arrived back from Garstang on Lancaster Canal, where my parents live- a few weeks ago- lovely area.

    Kind regards
  • micha59 22. August 2009, 23:39

    hi martin,
    thanks for your comment. Your black & white Pictures are very impressive.

    best wishes from munich, germany
  • lightmind 21. August 2009, 0:00

    Thanks Martin for Your nice comments on my photos:))

    lg migo.888
  • Double A 6. Juli 2009, 6:37

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for discovering and commenting to my new photograph from our Japan-series.
    Glad you liked it.
    Best wishes from Canada,
    Within a Spiral (
    Within a Spiral (
    Double A
  • Alessio Buzi 28. Mai 2009, 16:43


    un saluto Alex
  • John Willems 21. Mai 2009, 2:16


    Thanks Martin for all Your nice comments on my photographs.
    I’am proud that my image CitySCENE (below) has been recommended for the Gallery by Bertold Klammer.
    Maybe I can also obtain my FIRST star in the Gallery thanks You and if You want.
    Everyone can vote this image on this moment (within 24 hours) on
    Presently being voted for:
    John Willems

    Thanks again to everyone from John Willems.
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