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I like making photos because it is like history. You take one and then you remember what associations you had. If something pleasant than it is nice and if not.... then why look at it? I like to make photos of my relatives, places and countires I visit and everything what I find interesting and exciting.

Dear FC members!
I am here to communicate with my Buddies, exchange my positive emotions and make fun but not to experience stress. I don't expect you to teach me and show me what is wrong in my pictures, cause I always have my own opinion! :)

I use Canon PowerShot S70 and Nikon D40.

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  • Mel-Ba 13. Mai 2012, 20:55

    Hi Marinka,
    I'm just being back from good old England.
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I do love Robert Bruns as well.
    Take care and good luck,
  • † Erich Martinek 8. Oktober 2011, 19:43

    Dein Profilbild gefällt mir sehr !
    Und deine TOP Figur begeistert.
    LG Erich

  • SternenKünstler 12. Mai 2011, 17:01

    Hi Marinka,
    thanks for your nice visit
    and finding your favourite motive :-))

    I love your sentiment of exchanging positive emotions and having fun ... Welcome :-)))

    Best wishes, Carlo
  • Guglielmo Antonini 21. Dezember 2009, 0:34

    I migliori auguri di buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo.
    Ciao Guglielmo.
  • Emil Hößler 1. Januar 2009, 12:13

    Hallo Marinka,
    ich wünsche Dir alles Gute im neuen Jahr 2009!
    Mit liebem Gruss, Emil
  • Fred Camphausen 27. Juli 2008, 18:27

    Hi Marinka:
    I like them, I like them!
    Peace, Campy
  • † Erich Martinek 7. Mai 2008, 7:13

    WOW !
    WAS für ein schönes, erotisches Profilbild !
    Gefällt mir sehr .
    LG Erich
  • Viktor Hazilov 18. Januar 2008, 19:07

    Viel Glück und Gesundheit ins neues 2008
  • Giorgio Bisetti 3. September 2007, 9:15

    Grazie per il tuo graditissimo commento!
  • Mauro Moschitti 31. August 2007, 9:19

    Grazie Marinka per il commento...

    a presto.
  • Stefan Andronache 26. August 2007, 19:46

    Grazie per il tuo gentile commento!
  • Roberto Lampis 26. August 2007, 12:08

    Grazie per il tuo commento per la mia foto
  • Reimund List 25. Februar 2007, 19:17

    Thank you for your message, Marinka. I wish you a lot of fun with it take a photograph and thank you for your recognition.
    Your photos are very beautiful.
    lg R.
  • † Erich Martinek 23. Februar 2007, 17:48

    Zwei ganz Hübsche !
    Steht der rechte Turm noch ?? :-)))
    LG Erich
  • Guglielmo Antonini 13. Februar 2007, 16:48

    Hallo dear Marinka, thanks for your kind and always a lot appreciate comment. Ciao Guglielmo.
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