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Meine Kamera: Nikon D40, AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm, Tamron 100-300 mm

Ich bin nicht so oft hier, aber ab und an mal ein Bild sollte wohl drin sein. Dem Kommentarschreibewahn (schreibst du mir, schreib ich dir) setze ich mich nicht mehr aus. Lieber leb ich ohne Anmerkungen...


"Wenn Du vor mir stehst und mich ansiehst,
was weißt Du von den Schmerzen,
die in mir sind und was weiß ich von Deinen.

Und wenn ich mich vor Dir
niederwerfen würde und weinen und erzählen,
was wüßtest Du von mir mehr als von der Hölle,
wenn Dir jemand erzählt,
sie ist heiß und fürchterlich.

Schon darum sollten wir Menschen
voreinander so ehrfürchtig,
so nachdenklich stehen,
wie vor dem Eingang zur Hölle".

- Franz Kafka -


Der sensible Mensch leidet nicht aus diesem oder jenem Grunde,
sondern ganz allein, weil nichts auf dieser Welt seine Sehnsucht stillen kann.

Jean Paul Sartre

Kommentare 78

  • Belllla 14. April 2010, 17:41

    du bist wieder da.......das finde ich schön... lg anna
  • A.R. Mahallatian 2. Januar 2008, 16:22

    Jeden Moment vergeht ein Atemzug vom Leben,
    Acht ich genau, ist nicht mehr viel geblieben.

    Hallo ich wünsche dir ein freudiges Jahr 2008 & alles, was du dir wünschst!

    Mahallatian aus Berlin.
  • Hinnerk M. 29. Oktober 2006, 9:03

    Die finstere Atmosphäre Deiner Fotos resp. der impulsiven, aber cleveren Titel haben mich gleich an Janus erinnert. Dann noch das Kafka-Zitat... falls Du sie wider Erwarten doch noch nicht kennen solltest, empfehle ich Dir als Soundtrack zu Deinen Bildern einen Blick auf - Deine Bilder sind hier auf jeden Fall nen Highlight: Nackten Ekel, Banales & Ätzendes dieser Welt unter dem Deckmantel der "Ästhetik" dem Betrachter vor sein armes Äuglein gehalten... Arschtritt mit Stil eben. Respekt.
  • C.S 22. Oktober 2006, 22:39


    wenn man schon Franz Kaffka zitiert.... Klasse.
    Über dich selbst kann man nur über das Zitat und Deine Fotos was erfahren.

    Grüße Carsten
  • Keine Andere 15. Oktober 2006, 17:30

    merci..für die sektion
    Keine Andere

  • Paul Muadeep 23. Mai 2006, 18:06

    sehr schönes Profilbild


  • Jens-P. 30. April 2006, 23:35

    Wow hast ja doch schon eine Menge anmerkungen gesammelt...
    auch ich kann nur sagen was ich schon weiter oben gelesen habe du hast eine wirklich gute Ader dein Denken was dich bewegt in Bildern auszudrücken,
    einfach überwältigend....
    LG Jens
  • Hans-Herbert B. 5. Februar 2006, 22:08

    Eigenwilliger Stil
    aber toll
    zwar manchmal nicht mein Geschmack ( aber die sind zum Glück ja verschieden )
    trotzdem faszinierend
    und Spruchmäßig gut eingestellt

    Gruß aus der Nordheide
  • T.B.T 13. Januar 2006, 8:30

    Hai bin gerade in deiner Galerie eingebrochen
    Gefällt mir sehr. Bin mal gespannt was noch so kommt .
    Werde dich weiterhin besuchen kommen.
    Weiter so coolen Bilder.
    LG tino

  • Lynette Dumble 12. Januar 2006, 17:26

    Hi to Mia’s audience at FC
    I am the woman from Australia whom Mia Friedrich is labelling as her stalker.
    Some months ago, I promised her that I would never retaliate against her lies posted on various internet e-lists and forums, but her postings to this site under the heading “Enemy monitors” have gone to far.

    To begin, it was she who contacted me on several occasions during the time that my dear mother was on her deathbed, offering to redesign my somewhat stagnate and out of date website. After I had buried my mother, I accepted her offer, although I told her up front that I had no money to pay her for her expertise.

    In the space of a few weeks our conversations by both email and telephone became more intimate, and without consulting me, and with total disregard for my partner, she informed her current partner [a woman who is older than her much hated mother, and who lives on “happy pills“] that we were “in love” and that she would be visiting me in Australia in May of 2005. After 3 bouts of her uncontrollable temper in the form of accusations, the destruction of the new webpage, and reneging on a contract to design an International Women’s Day poster for me, I had her investigated both via the internet and by government resources in real space, and what I learned in that process, together with my re-examination of her poetry to me; her “stories about her past life with various partners [a husband addicted to pornography, tho’ she still left him to raise her then-three-year old daughter; a married man dying of a heart complaint; and over the years since then, three woman suffering from various degrees of mental illness, the US woman being particularly violent in nature]; and her vicious comments to a number of e-lists that I read first hand, made me realise what a fool I had been.

    After a final bout of her abuse, I lost my temper with Mia and let her know in no uncertain terms what I thought about her superiority complex, and delusions of grandeur that she is a mystic who has the right to trash dying adults, past lovers, and humanity in general, while at the same time contacting the parents of terminally ill children with offers of her “healing energy”. I deeply regretted losing my temper with Mia, and attempted over the course of two weeks in March of 2005 to apologize by telephone/fax and email [now referred to by Mia as TERROR].

    In the months since then, I have let Mia know of any information I have received which indicated that she was trashing me, and of instances when she was telling lies to make herself appear more attractive, more clever, or whatever else may have been her purpose.

    While admitting that I was unable to deal with Mia’s dark side, I also freely admit that I was deeply in love with her sane side, and have regularly sent her notes in appreciation of her art which was caught by Google cameras. At around Christmas time, having recovered from the trauma of my mother’s death, I felt that I could help her and via email informed her that perhaps we could put our bad days behind us. During that period I was sent a copy of her self-pic, noting the sadness on her face [and believe me compared with photos I have of Mia, her face now reveals immense sadness] and sent her a message which read:
    “I gather it is a self-portrait with one of your cats, but I'm unable to understand the meaning of your text [very clumsily translated into English by myself via Babelfish as "self pic with lensbaby...... me otherwise nothing falls somehow in addition...... *g *], but it is the unconcealed sadness written on your face which distresses me more than anything. …..
    All I can do at this stage is live in hope that you will eventually find it in your heart to put the past months behind us.
    For now, I wish you a wonderfully fulfilling day and cross my fingers that you might get to email me with some answers in the not too distant future.
    As always, I love you and miss you very much - Lynette xxx”

    BUT, having read with my own eyes Mia‘s Friedrich‘s accusations to this audience within the correspondence which followed her introduction to a photograph entitled “Enemy monitors” [yes I did receive an alert from an FC member], I am OUTRAGED that she is now flooding this site with lies about me. I regret breaking my promise to Mia that I would never retaliate against her vendetta, but let me make it clear to her audience here that I am one of the sanest women who has ever trodden this planet. I was an academic, but these days am a full time activist in all areas relating to the human rights of women. I was a professor at three US universities, and a senior research fellow at an Australian University, but I was never “fired”, as Mia slanderously claims, from any of these institutions for “BEHAVING DISHONESTLY”. In fact, I was NEVER fired from any academic institution for ANY REASON, tho’ my tenure was allowed to expire from the Australian University after my very public research in The Lancet exposed the fatal legacy of a hormone program for women and children, including some in Germany, the upshot of which was to leave many eminent red faces in medical schools worldwide.

    I trust that sets the record straight. Should anyone require proof of the above, or copies of Mia’s “love letters” [regular mail and email], poetry, and photographic creations sent to me, together with a list of her gifts to me, and copies of her intermittent abusive accusations during that period of high traffic correspondence between us, please contact me via this address:

    Or if you need further convincing, kindly view my current website at:
    noting too the respect with which I have treated Mia, following what she referred to initially as our “break up”, via:

    With my very best wishes - Lynette
  • JAAR 30. Dezember 2005, 9:06

    Ich wünsche dir und deinen Lieben einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr.
    Feiert schön und erholt euch am nächsten Tag gut ;-).
    Ganz liebe Grüsse
  • Mia Eichenau 4. November 2005, 0:51

    Hallo Mareike,
    danke für deine Bemerkung unter meinem Bild "Liebe", der Titel war Provokation, da viel zu viele Schmerzen und Erniedrigungen aushalten und sich noch einreden, es wäre Liebe die meisten haben es kapiert, was mich sehr freut.
    LG, Mia

    PS. das ist meine Mareike
  • Julia Rechberger 21. Oktober 2005, 17:35

    Ich find deine Arbeiten toll... Buddy :)
  • Wolfgang F. Wagner 3. Oktober 2005, 10:34

    Hallo Mareike,
    danke für Deine Anmerkung meines Schmetterlings.

    lg von Wolfgang
  • Mike Heddergott 7. September 2005, 22:46

    Hallo Grez-Gängerin,

    bin wieder einmal auf deiner seite gewesen und find die neuen sachen super. bin jetzt auch wieder da und komme mit neuen bildern in den nächsten tagen. (:-) LG mike
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