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Marcus Carlson

Free Mitglied, Owingen

Über mich

howdy partner'
thank you for stoppin' by and visitin' my page.
The privilege of constantly renewing a dialogue with the outside world, of modifying or questioning the criteria of my own perception is what makes photography such a unique medium for me. Life unfolds so differently when one takes the time to observe its moments more closely.

I was born in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck in 1975, the son of an engineering student cum painter and a now famous German comedian. Photography came to me as a rather belated revelation: I got my first camera at the age of 5 but it was only when I had turned 25 that I began to grasp how important “fixing the moment” had become to me. Within a few months, I decided to abandon my previous career in order to concentrate on photography.

I trained as a photographer in Bad Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, in a small but highly professional portrait studio while attending classes at the renowned vocational school in Kiel, i.e. the Photo + Media Forum Kiel, before obtaining my diploma.

Beside the main genres such as people, fashion, lifestyle, corporate image and advertising photography, and despite my by now professional approach to picture design, I have remained faithful to my initial love of casual “on the road” snapshots.
Of course, conceptual photography with its ever increasing knowledge about how to compose a picture provides me with the assurance I require in my professional routine but photographic passion can only be kindled and rekindled by the fun of discovery.

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