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Luxusprint is an in-house production facility offering an array of antique printing and specialised finishing processes coupled with expert knowledge and impeccable attention to detail. Our team is comprised of design, print and finishing specialists who have been doing what they love for decades. They love what they do and take immense personal pride in their work.
Why us?
Luxusprint has redefined letterpress in Europe, setting a world class standard with the work we produce. With five solid years of experience as a specialist letterpress print studio, we have crafted a reputation as the go-to people for premium letterpress.
Working with us
It's not just about running cotton paper through a printing press, as each project has its own unique requirements. It's having the necessary skill that enables the letterpress process to shine. Bringing out the best in the paper, while embellishing on the design. Understanding how the differing paper properties such as fiber, bulk, and grain will react under thousands of pounds of pressure. Knowing how a job will print before it even leaves your computer screen. Luxusprint takes a collaborative approach, working with designers and professionals to bring their ideas to life through letterpress.
Website : http://www.luxusprint.com/
Call: 49 (0) 89 25 557 557 6
Email : info@luxusprint.com
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