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Link (nemet) Ulrich

Free Mitglied, Kecskemet

Über mich

After having retired from the IT i have bought a wineyard and farm in Hungary (former communists country). There i enjoy nature and hard farmers work.

My residence "Pusztagarden" in the hungarian puszta (desert) is very romantic, with pets of all kind and a lot of green around the farm.
The farm keeps me well trained and athletic fit caused by the physical work outdoors.

Usually the environment should inspire me to produce a lot of good pictures but I am self employeed, owner of small companies in Germany and Hungary.
This job generates a lot of discussions with administrations and officials. This stress keeps my brain as fit as my a**.

That is why my photographers hobby often fells so short.

Special interests: Buddhism, India, Nepal, other foreign cultures with their other facettes of values and believes. There are so many cultures on this mother earth with so different behavior of people and so much to learn and keep in good pictures.

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