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I used to work as a dive instructor in the Maldives so my photography started with underwater photography. During my travels through Asia I was lucky to be able to do some awesome wildlife photography.
I now find myself in Denmark where I have different wildlife challenges. But I also am now starting to play with portrait photography.
I hope that this community can help me improve my skills in this new field.
Now as most anybody I do like receiving compliments, however I do also realize that one learns best from ones mistakes and it is always hardest to see ones own mistakes or imperfections. So please do feel free to also criticize my photos, all I ask is that you keep it civil.

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  • Certeau Dominique 16. April 2015, 8:55

    Certeau Dominique

    Merci pour votre appréciation.
  • Adele D. Oliver 23. März 2015, 0:33

    greetings and a warm welcome to our international and crazy FC.com world. I wish you a lot of enjoyment from showing us your images and seeing the photos of others - and I hope that on the way you will make some new friends !!!
    best wishes from Vancouver,
    Channel Manager Nature
  • Mauro Tomassetti 22. März 2015, 21:24

    Welcome to FC international and i hope that you enjoy here!
    Mauro Tomassetti
    FC International Team!
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