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Hello everybody !
I'm a beginner in photography =). I'm 16 years old, and study at school. I expect to go to university of ethology (Rennes) and maybe become a photographer. I have had my camera for 2 year, and I always discover different technical aspects of this camera. I live in the south of France ( In provence !), in a village called Buis les Baronnies. That's why my english isn't so good ^_^ ! My hobbies are : Photography, drawing, nature, travelling, Horse riding... We've got 3 horses : mine, Ego ( A New Forest ), my father's, Anouk ( A Haflinger ) and we bouth a young spanish horse 5 mounths ago, because I love dressage ( It's a dream for me ).
All your advice and comments about pictures are welcome.


My camera is : Canon Eos 400D

With : 18 - 55 mm
55 - 200 mm
400 mm

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  • Emma H 8. April 2009, 11:11

    Hi Julie!
    Thank you, I'm glad to hear that you think my pictures are beautiful, the horses aswell!

    Take care!
  • Deryck 19. März 2009, 19:13

    Hi Julie
    Thank you so much for the nice comments on my profile. I can see from your pictures that you have a lot of talent. I look foward to seeing some more.
    Take care
  • Chloé.M 10. Februar 2009, 21:38

    Hey chéwiie, tes tofs sont magnifiques, je sais pas si tu me reconnaitra mais je te n'aime fort !!!

    Indice ===> WoC Pouchy & Hundy ^^
  • Jessy Konrad 28. September 2008, 15:11

    Thanks for your nice commets :-)
    Your pictures are great and your horse is a dream. ;-)
  • Vanessa Halvorsen 8. Juni 2008, 19:49

    And, yes, my e-mail is vanhalv@hotmail.com :-)
  • Vanessa Halvorsen 8. Juni 2008, 19:43

    Thanks alot for your comment! I will take more photos of him on friday :)
  • Hilda Vanyi 29. Januar 2008, 16:45

    Thanks for your comment!

    Nyi ha ha ha     ( theme with variations )
    Nyi ha ha ha ( theme with variations )
    Hilda Vanyi

    regards, Ildiko
  • Véronique Soulier 25. Januar 2008, 19:02

    je suis impressionnée Julie, tu as beuacoup de talent dans ta façon de photographier, les angles de prises de vue sont souvent superbes.. Je cliques sur ami pour suivre tes chargements, bye~bye Véronique
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