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Über mich

What made you start taking photos?

Why Children...Moments in Life which will never come again, but can be kept fresh in memory through a nice picture....See things from a different angle…
Also the interesting thing is that you never feel Lonely when moving with a Camera…

What are your favorite photographic themes?

Kids, People, Portrait, Something Unusual, Street Photography

What equipment do you use?

I have Canon D10 and now my wife presented me Cannon D7 on my birth day…

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  • Muhammad Shahzad Naseer Qazi 5. November 2007, 11:46

    Dear JA

    Thanks for ur valuable comments on my Pic "My Little Princess"

  • Abdul Khaliq 2. September 2007, 9:37

    Hi Abbas,
    Thanks for your wonderful comment.
  • DRAGA PUC 1. April 2007, 19:51

    Hi, thanks a lot for your visits to my pics. appreciate
  • Ron Couwenberg 9. Februar 2007, 13:26

    Thanks you for your kind words.
    A Trip To The Grocer
    A Trip To The Grocer
    Ron Couwenberg

  • goedefotos 26. Januar 2007, 16:43

    Thanks for your comment an compliments for your gallery. Very impressive pictures!

    Best regards
  • Robyn Raggio 26. Januar 2007, 11:33

    Hi Jon,
    Thank you for sharing your time and lovely comments on my image Dehydrated...I loved your reference to being "thirst provoking"... you have a wonderful collection of images here.
    Best regards,
  • DRAGA PUC 26. Januar 2007, 9:47

    Thanks and welcome to my site, Enjoy our company. You have nice photos....
  • Anastasia Pelletreau 28. September 2006, 0:37

    Hi Jon,
    I was born and lived in Ust-Kamenogorsk for 20 years.
    Love your photos, they give me "the feeling" of the places and the people.
    All the best,
  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 12. August 2006, 10:20

    Hello Jon, glad you liked my photo and thank you for your comments! Kind regards, Olivier.
    W - Power
    W - Power
    Olivier Vanbiervliet
  • Sergio Pessolano 7. August 2006, 11:26

    Hi Jon,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Who Is The Teacher?". I really enjoy your comment.
  • Taurus L. 5. August 2006, 10:10

    thanks for your beautiful comment!!!
    a moment before....
    a moment before....
    Taurus L.
  • Calin Olteanu 4. August 2006, 15:06

  • James Smith 3. August 2006, 13:45

    thank you for your interest and comment on my photo
  • Sean Robertson 29. Juli 2006, 10:59

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on this picture. The caption was fairly apt I thought! I only took one shot, and fortunately I did not mess it up!
    The Opportunist
    The Opportunist
    Sean Robertson
  • Zenonas 29. Juli 2006, 6:17

    Thanks for your comment.
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