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Jimmy Usman Jamshed

Free Mitglied, Lahore

Über mich

Pakistani Photographer Usman Jamshed.
Some actions are purely instinctive, and some instincts purely dormant before actuated in a passion. To me, photography came just like an instinct – hibernating at first and eventually habituating, more or less as a profession. Fortunately, it didn’t lay dormant for long and I have been experimenting and perfecting my instincts, for quite a few years now. A photograph is not merely an instant documented close to reality; it is more of a drama encapsulated in a single frame. Just as a poet adopts a word-approach to portray drama and emotions of instances, a photographer reflects on his interpretations of a subject in a photograph which may have been inspired by muses galore.

Social life is what I mostly reflect on in my photography. A major part of my work is based on protagonists of daily life instances, the people – the drama of whom is verily worth musing.

As for my professional résumé, I have worked for several international magazines like Forbes and CFO. Besides,I have also been internee at Motivate Publishing, Dubai.

I have graduated in Graphic Design from College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.My company is providing commercial photography, personality photography, editorial photography, landscape photography, wedding and bridal photography, fashion photography and product photography worldwide. Moreover we are also providing photo-restoration and manipulation services.
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