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here is website where you can find much more of my work: www.sportowiec.info

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  • Janusz Wa 22. Juli 2009, 21:31

    ladna galeria !!!! pozdrawiam !!
  • M. Hiller 23. März 2007, 12:31

    The photo was taken just outside the village of Grasmere going north!
  • Krzysztof Miller 10. November 2006, 11:35

    Milo mi. Dziekuje za mile slowa. Pozdrawiam
  • Michael Henderson 9. November 2006, 19:37

    Thanks for your comments on
    I can fly like Superman
    I can fly like Superman
    Michael Henderson

  • U - Only 9. November 2006, 18:42

    Hi Jacek, great Fotos, you have. I´ll shure put you onto my Buddy-List!
  • Sandro Orsi 18. Oktober 2006, 14:03

    thanke you very much for
    What ?
    What ?
    Sandro Orsi

    your nice comment.
    ciao sandro
  • DRAGA PUC 17. Oktober 2006, 7:40

    thanks for your comment, d
  • Astrid Lang 23. September 2006, 12:30

    Hi Jacek, thanks for commenting on my pic:

    Love your views and pics of London.
  • Guglielmo Antonini 20. September 2006, 0:55

    Hallo Jacek, thanks four your visit and your appreciate comment. A soon.
    Ciao Guglielmo.
  • Krzysztof Miller 23. August 2006, 8:46

    This is a photo which is a part of series of pictures, it is a my expression of contemporary world and phenomenons like religion, freedom, globalization etc. One of them are pictures: 'Love Forever".
    Pozdrawiam i dziekuje
  • Marie Strydom 10. Juli 2006, 20:54

    Thanks for the comment on my photo. Truly appreciated. Best wishes. Marie
    Dawn Over Africa
    Dawn Over Africa
    Marie Strydom
  • Judith Fleischer 5. Juli 2006, 21:55


    Thanks for your comment... you are right. I live in london (maida vale) for some month and sometimes I need to relax because its so busied :) where in london do you live?
  • Matteo Griffante 28. Juni 2006, 0:15

  • Isabel2 Cruz 25. Juni 2006, 15:51

    Thanks for your comments:)
  • Mark Page 25. Juni 2006, 15:16

    Thanks for the comment on Factory gates.

    I've fixed the Hyperlink to RoOdle's Myspace account now.
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