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Harry Gaasendam

Free Mitglied

Kommentare 3

  • Anette Meyer 5. Juni 2005, 14:22

    Moin Moin,
    herzlich Willkommen und viel Spaß in der FC.

    LG Anette
  • Rolf Jenzer 3. Juni 2005, 16:29

    Herzlich Willkommen in der fc, wünsche Dir viel Vergnügen hier.
    Gruss Rolf

    Fliegenfrühling 1
    Fliegenfrühling 1
    Rolf Jenzer

  • Harry Gaasendam 3. Juni 2005, 15:27

    Hello all Photographers!

    I'm writing in English language because I am feeling more comfortable instead of writing in German language, so my apology for that.
    Already knowing my name, I am 56 years old at this particular moment and love to take pictures for many years now. Up till end 2004 I used my "old friend" the Pentax ME super, you all know I presume. So I decided to make this big step for the digital era and bought myself the Nikon D70 kit, with the remarkable standard 18-70 mm lens. I do not have a specific style but I do like to take pictures of anything that could be interesting like landscapes, people, abstract, macro or whatever. Anyone has a different point of view about images and I respect that. That's why I like to submit my pictures, not only made by the D70, and take advantage from critiques to become a better and better photographer.

    "See" you around!


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