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I am from Iran, has been living in Sweden since 1985, i am building surveyor, started photographing, already at the age of 17.

I had my own film developing and copying in black and white at home.
I had a Canon FTB and an Enlarger
In 2014 I bought my first DSLR camera, är taking pictures in my spare time, I will have more fun and time when I retire.

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  • Robert L. Roux 23. Februar 2022, 20:49

    retirements great - 
    but you never have enough time 
    with so many new things to do ;-)) 
    yukon greetings 
  • itsjustchris 21. Juni 2021, 19:28

    Hi Hamoon,

    thank you so much for your interest in my photos! =)

    All the best,
  • Regina Weinkauf 15. Dezember 2020, 7:21

    Thanks a lot for visiting my page. Best wishes Regina
  • mansab 15. April 2020, 10:57

    Thank you very much for visiting my page and for so much linkes!
  • Majid Samadi 22. März 2020, 10:21

    Thank you for your visit and your likes. Have a nice weekend. Best wishes Majid
  • Fernando Anzani 17. März 2020, 17:58

    Thank you very much. Molto gentile di avere fatto una scorribanda nella mia galleria e di avere fatto apprezzamenti a queste mie foto e tante altre. Ciao. Fernando.
    Full Color 7
    Full Color 7
    Fernando Anzani
    La finestra sul giardino
    La finestra sul giardino
    Fernando Anzani
    Scorci veneziani
    Scorci veneziani
    Fernando Anzani
  • Regina Weinkauf 8. März 2020, 7:30

    Thanks for the visit, have a great Sunday.
  • Norbert Spang 2. Januar 2020, 19:50

    Thank you very much for  your visit on my gallery. Have a nice 2020.
    Viele Grüße aus Germany. Norber
  • Adele D. Oliver 15. November 2019, 19:43

    I just got back from holidays and found your many, many "likes" ...
    I want to thank you very much for taking such interest in my gallery ...
    I appreciate it a lot and am now starting to follow your daily postings
    of your images !!
    wishing you a good weekend,
  • Zelda007 27. September 2019, 4:28

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  • Fernando Anzani 5. August 2019, 10:15

    Grazie infinite per la tua visita, molto gradita. Ciao. Fernando.
    Terre castigliane
    Terre castigliane
    Fernando Anzani
    Fernando Anzani
  • Dirk-OliverSchröder 3. August 2019, 18:44

    Thank you very much for all your likes!
  • redfox-dream-art-photography 3. August 2019, 14:18

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  • rootc 2. August 2019, 22:35

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  • Martin Görner 31. Juli 2019, 9:56

    Many thanks for favorisite pictures! vg Martin
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