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Muhammad Zulfiqar Shah here!
From Lahore - Pakistan.
Graphic Designing is my profession and photography is my passion.

For direct contact:: +92 322 480 74 03
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  • TeresaM 19. Februar 2011, 20:52

    Merci d'avoir apprécié la vison de ce petit coeur "FRAGILE" :-)
  • Jigora Man 7. Januar 2011, 18:11

    Hello Muhammad,
    thank you for your attention) All the best wishes to you Olga.
    Jigora Man
  • Marcel Moser 26. Oktober 2010, 12:42

    Hi Genius Boy
    I also hope (like others) whe can see a lot more from your realy nice pictures. And thanks for your comment to my photography from the Peyto Lake.
    Best regards
    Marcel from Switzerland
    Peyto Lake
    Peyto Lake
    Marcel Moser
  • GABY F 6. November 2009, 0:46

    Muhammad, you should post more pictures here! Your country is very interesting, although we seem to hear only bad stuff in the Western media as of lately.

    Leep up the good work, and show us more of the real Pakistan and its people!

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