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Hi everybody.

I´m a 40 year old photographer from Germany and live in a town called Moenchengladbach not far away from Cologne. Some of my pictures are made in this area or at the River Rhine. Sometimes I work in the studio, sometimes on location.

Thank you for visiting my page .


1890exif_scr.jpg ORIGINAL
1890exif_scr.jpg ORIGINAL
Frank Beer

Spot On !
Spot On !
Frank Beer

On the TOP
On the TOP
Frank Beer

Frank Beer

Ein Engel im Nachtgewand
Ein Engel im Nachtgewand
Frank Beer

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  • Robert Riley 24. Juli 2005, 23:28

    OK, Buddy,

    Please give us more of the Retro Pinup shots, they are faboulous, and could be even better. I have had this idea in my head for years, but havn't had the tools to do it! MORE PLEASE.
  • Eamon Lynch 22. Juli 2005, 10:30

    Hiya Frank! thanks so much for your remark on "Shadows and tall trees" I took that on a summers evening when the Sun was desending.. your work is Fabulous, very proffessional well done,
    Kind Regards from Ireland

  • Detlef Klahm 5. Juni 2005, 4:11

    Thanks once again for your time and comments Frank!
  • John Moore 1. Juni 2005, 3:52

    " I'LL BE BACK"
  • Detlef Klahm 28. Mai 2005, 15:50

    Vielen Dank fur das Kompliment Frank.
    Die gelegenheit habe ich jetzt um mein deutsch zu verbessern, jetzt muss ich es nur ausnutzen.
    Take Care!
  • Detlef Klahm 28. Mai 2005, 3:22

    you do some great work Frank! Thanks for sharing!
  • John Moore 25. Mai 2005, 6:04

    Greeting from the Land Down Under Frank.
    It is an honour to receive these wonderful comments
    from you.
    We wish you the greatest of success here on this wonderful site FC.
    Good wishes from us in Australia.
  • JVision 26. Februar 2005, 15:19

    Hi Frank,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. It's great to see you here. I like your photos a lot and looking forward to see more .
    Kind regards
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